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Friday Sep 27th, 2013

Oh my gosh… it looks like AJO has covered the globe in the past 24 hours… Take a look and find all stories on our IN THE NEWS page. (click the screen shots below to read them all!!!!)


and in Pittsburgh…


pxieven in the UK!!!! Wow AJO  you really are amazing…..


And it was also brought to our attention that Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill has been dealing with some issues regarding his Epilepsy lately– and many are claiming he should quit his job! Read this incredible article from the Los Angeles Times that sheds light on Jerry’s story and the disease that is Epilepsy- like the article says, he is definitely inspiring:


You guys have been sending so many remarkable photos lately - be sure to check out the PHOTOS II page for a whole bunch of updates! Keep sending and we’ll keep posting- each and every one of you is just amazing!

Thank you for the love, kindness and support- together we are raising awareness all around the WORLD!!! ❤ #AJO

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